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Q: OK, - so, What about the website?

A: First of all, it's all handmade - that is, all written on a text editor, no dreamweaver or any of that. And no damned 'mee-too-space' template website shit. There's no 'embedded' anything, nop trackers, no info-bots, and there's no money-making anything here - no ads, no tracker links, no referrers, etc. Probably no audience anyway, but I like twiddling with it anyway.

It'll look terrible in any version of the macroshit browser, not to mention load slower, have weirdly-sized type, and all the other problems associated with that piece of shit software. If that's what you are using to look at all this, it's a pity.

Admittedly, it's a little inconsistent, but I think I've got the main parts into shape. The farther off the mainpage you go, however, the more likely you are to get a very sour grape... I'm not going to point them out, but there are a coupla things still here that still need a lot of work...

I've been meaning to getting around to standardizing all the type, colors, style sheets, menus, etc on the rest. Long ago, when my old Nokia monitor was on it's last legs, the colors I saw on my screen really changed quite dramatically and often. Thus, if the colors look really weird, that may be a 10+ year old situation, though it was only partially my intention. Sometimes I just go off a color guide book and convert the RGB or CMYK colors to hex, so that can add even more latitude. I flex between liking dark colored backgrounds and finding them oppressive. Vision specialists tell us that lighted text is easier when it's light on dark, as opposed to printed which is the opposite. In reality though, dark on light usually looks better. I guess I've mostly ignored that though here.

The other thing is missing links... I finally got it all transferred to my server ( from various other "free" (and usually horrible) locations (university, ad-supported servers, etc.) and so had to go and fix all the links... That was in 2002, now in 2012 there are still a few. Plus I've changed servers a few times in the last years, as one gets bought by another and becomes intolerable and I fins another. As of December 2011, I'm back to an all-Michigan-based company, which means these electrons are coming from the Great state of Michigan!

If something's missing that you really need, let me know. Anyway, I think I got the 404 page looking nice (go to this imaginary page to see), wow.

The site's design is just made up of various things - some plagiarized from other websites and changed a bit, some made up. Lately I'm getting some ideas from Dynamic Drive and other Java sources, or "deconstructing" them from pages I see and like. I add things and fix them as I have time, giving the whole thing a freaky 'tossed salad' feel... Sometimes I try things that really aren't as practical as neat - like the slide menu on your left there (is it still there or have I killed it off and forgotten this text?) - or especially that annoying clock you've probably been trying to shake off the mouse since alighting on this page (clock, what the hell are you talking about??)...

Mostly I use a text editor (Note-Tab professional) to edit the html by hand, again looking over other people's code as clues as to what to do. Things like Dreamweaver were once handy to a limit, but it usually goes better for me if I can see what's going on in the code as I add it. I usually check the pages with a few web browsers to make sure it works ok - and to see if any non compliant proprietary code slipped into my thief's bag [frowny face]. We here at like things to be accessible. Photoshop helps with the post-scanning photo operations, and the fantastic Irfanview (free!) does most less-intensive image manipulations for me. HTML Tidy (also free, but if I try it on pages with Cyrillic strange things can happen...), CSE HTML Validator, and Dreamweaver help me find stupid mistakes in the code

By the way, I used to say that I didn't give a shit which web-surfer you used, but I have to say that Macroshit internet exploder is now just so freaking bad in every way that my website even looks worse on it. On Opera and Firefox, it's fine; maybe the others I haven't tried, too. But cripe, I can't stand how %$#@!! slow that M$ browser is, man! And you won't have to wait until the end of the stone age for tabs, either, if you're using the two I mentioned. I can't wait for the hilarious day when Macroshit 'invents' tabs... If you've no idea what I speak of, take a look at those links there. And if you still use M$ie, you deserve to see the pages all fucked up. If you're on some crippled system you can't change, believe me, it's better.

From the outset I was thinking I'd like to keep the site real simple and small, too - thus no flash, images of words instead of text, silly "email" signs, revolving skulls or flames, etc... HTML tables make up a lot of the graphic layout, and good old TEXT still survives here! I was working over a modem from home a lot, and I know the hassle of using internet in some other countries, too, so didn't want to contribute to that problem for myself or others.

Well, Java does give a lot of possibilities with little bandwidth - so, even though that annoying clock is the "modern" equivalent of revolving skulls or flames, it's a lot smaller... (sorry, i have to update the silly clock to work with firefox...) Still, I'm not using many images as text, anyway... There are plenty of websites are the antithesis of this idea... try using one of the websites covered head to foot with picture elements when you're remote in Russia or on a modem - or both! The pictures that are on my site are usually minimal or, when big, have to be specifically sought, and add something in the way of illustration (see my photos pages). Also, in the big picture section, I tell you the image size on the index page. Occasionally, there's just nice small images as decoration.

Occasionally I put 'subliminal messages' into the html code, too. Sometimes that tells about the programs used to do the editing, or even political or philosophical messages... Can you find any?

Is there a sitemap? This website is way too disorganized!

That's a good idea... a site map... getting around to that.... / about / technical
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