harass me at your leisure, using any of these convenient methods (updated 2020.02!):

email to: No, you have to do it manually!
(you'll have to type it in yourself to help save me maybe from more automated ejunkmail!)
letter bombs:

post to: Box 720, St. Ignace, Michigan 49781, usa. (actual mailing address as of February 2020!)

heavy breathing:

ring to: +1 (907) 750 6195, but I forget to turn my telephone on a lot, and it turns itself off (smart phone!) and ignore it the rest of the time. Can leave message though.
sticks and stones:

bust in to my lightly armed compound or estates, Michigan and Alaska (I'm rarely there).
нападения DOS:

серфинг к: Роберт Либерманн [ formerly://rjl.su ], but I finally got so fed up with the russians that I dropped my .ru & .su domains there, so this points to a local copy. I keep it because you see how cleverly symmetrical, sort of, this page is?
shock and awe:

bomb me: coordinates 147°40'23.92"W, 64°55'20.1"N; you can be sure I'll welcome you with candy & flowers. (the link describes a former home, for my safety and yours).
DOS attack:

surf to: Robert Liebermann [ http://rjl.us ].
fire me:

march to: US Fish & Wildlife Service, 101 12th, Fairbanks Alaska 99701, but you'll never get through our guard dogs up front (unless the door is jammed again, or its another fire drill, or something esle is broken) - plus this is an old office location - again, for my security!!

Zap to the phone above, but I can't reply since it would take forever. It's dumb (so is yours).
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