Baikal   -   Байкал
this is the shore near Bukhta Peschanaya [Sand Bay]
area, km2:
31 500
volume, km3:
23 500
maximum depth, m:
elevation, m asl:
watershed, km2:
566 000
shoreline, km:
2 200
length, km:
width max, km:
age in years:
2-20 million
watershed population:
3 600 000
replacement time:
450 years

   Lake Baikal is the largest volume of pure water in the world.   This is the oldest lake on the planet, and was formed by great forces which tore the earth's crust apart. It has remarkably clear water, and up to 6km of sediments on its floor.
   Held in Baikal's realm are numerous endemic species, incredible weather phenomena, and objects of great beauty.

   The world is wonderful.
   It is hard to resist repeating: how good it is that we have Baikal! Powerful, opulent, majestic, beauty upon radiance, regal and dignified, untamed; how good it is that we have this!
- Valentin Rasputin (Baikal, 1990)
   ... ice creaks, a hidden birds rustles her wings, and then we are asleep.
- Vasilii Peskov (Otechestvo, 1974)
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