More on Lake Baikal:

The Lake Baikal Home Page; in English and Russian
Baikal Land; in Russian Another Russian Baikal site, just as good!
Baikal Homepage
and Russian
Baikal Photogallery, from www.irkutsk
Lake Baikal World Heritage listing, UNESCO More from World Conservation Monitoring Centre
A giant lake in Siberia...
About the Bajkal Sea: The Place Where It All Began Lake Baikal - A Touchstone for Global Change and Rift Studies, USGS Marine
Lake Baikal
Planning a Trip to Lake Baikal, about Yekha Dalai (Great Sea),
from the Asia Business Network blue eye of the planet Lake Baikal Description and overview from ILEC
World's Deepest Lake Protected
Pond Baikal, a Polish tourist`s impression.
Der Baikalsee - ein echtes Naturwunder!
The Lake Baikal Guidebook
The Limnological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences; the main Baikal research institute


My pictures of the Ushkanii Islands, in the center of Baikal My photo photo of Baikal water (50k)

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Robert Liebermann, December 1999