Great Lakes of North America:

 The EPA-GLNPO Visualizing the Great Lakes site also here from Minnesota Sea Grant
Glossary of the Great Lakes from Minnesota Sea Grant 
Great Lakes Glossary  from Wisconsin Sea Grant
GLIN, the Great Lakes Information Network
The Great Lakes overview, from GLIN
Introduction to the Great Lakes, GLIN
Biodiversity of the Great Lakes from USEPA
The Nature Conservancy Great Lakes Project 
The USFWS Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem project
the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
Great Lakes Atlas USEPAEnvironment Canada
Great Lakes Internet Resources     from Wisconsin Sea Grant
Great Lakes Issues  ditto
Gifts of the Glaciers an overview of the Great Lakes basin with profiles of each lake. Also WSG
Great Lakes Research Review

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Robert Liebermann
September 2001

This last modified September 2001.   It is pitifully inadequate.
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