Limnoclimate the climate of lakes
  Weather and Climate in the Great Lakes Region...
Great Lakes buoy weather
what is limnoclimate?
... from GLIN
mammatus clouds, central upper michigan, july 1996
The Effect Of a Great Lake on Local Climate
(Lake Päijänne, Finland)
The Veteran's day Lake Effect Snowfall, a great site from University of Illinois' weather world 2010
Lake Effect Snow from the National Weather Service Gaylord, Michigan
Lake breezes  
Lake Effect Snowfall, also from MTU
 good satellite images of Lake Superior
climate phenomena from Michigan Tech
the Lake Effect Weather Page, NWS Buffalo NY
Observing Great Lakes ice cover, MTU 
Lake effect snow, from Universal Weather and Aviation
North Shore  Weather Wisdom (Minnesota's Lake Superior shoreline climate)
 lake effect beer  Climate and Large Lake Dynamics
 Lake Effect Snow Lake Effect Snow process overview
a limnoclimatologist  
Michigan Wine facts (and less on limnoclimate... gets worse each time they revise...)
Great Lakes climate change:  1  2  3   4   5   6  7  8  9  10  11
smaller items: 1  2  3  4  5
Effects of Climate Change on Heavy Lake-Effect Snowstorms near
 Lake Erie and other Great Lakes 
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