Some items pertaining to vegetation inventories in interior Alaska National Wildlife Refuges

This is a project for the US Fish & Wildlife Service, Alaska region Inventory & monitoring program. In 2013 we did fieldwork in Tetlin and Kanuti NWRs, and in 2014 in Koyukuk, Innoko, & Arctic NWRs. In 2015? Maybe Yukon Flats, Nowitna, Innoko, Arctic.

Later I ought to add some exciting photos, maps, details, etc. but for now just a few of items of interest:

1. a general overview of the field methods of the project with field datasheets explained, the short version. (140k, pdf)

2. Some slideshow-presentations in PDF (see pretty Alaska pictures and maps here, folks!):

a) A presentation on the 2013 fieldwork in Kanuti and Tetlin that I gave at the 2013 AK Botany forum. It's got the basics of what we did in 2013 with a few pix from fieldwork, where we went (the red squares on those figures were releves; the orange circles/ovals were potential areas of interest selected pre-field), a little overview of fieldwork, and the field datasheet blanks (at the end) that give an idea of what we collect at the sites. Of course it's meant to be narrated-over by me, but in reality what people want at meeting presentations is pretty pictures ...
(because of the pretty pictures it's 56mb!).

b) A presentation on the 2014 fieldwork in Arctic, Koyukuk, & Innoko that I gave at the 2014 AK Botany forum. Similar to the 2013 one, with maps, pictures, forms, etc. except that my allotted time kept getting enlarged in the schedule (as did everyone else's, due to paucity of presenters...), so that it went from 15 up to 30 minutes! So I added more pictures! 167 slides in 30 minutes - helps fill up the time so nobody asks any of those pesky questions that get in the way of my science! (Because of even more pretty pictures it's 105mb!).

c) A presentation on the 2013-2014 fieldwork that I gave to local Fairbanks botanists in January 2014.
(Despite my attempts to ensmallen it, its still 79mb).

d) A shorter presentation on the project in general that I gave at a meeting of interior AK biologists in February 2015. ('tis only a wee 14mb).

3. A few field maps (link to index page).

4. Some location maps:

Here's the areas where this fieldwork has been done 2013-2014 (National Wildlife Refuges; in red).
Starting with the big one at top, then clockwise: Arctic, Tetlin, Innoko Kaiyuh unit, Koyukuk, Kanuti.

Here's the locations of the actual releves - very much overlapping at this scale, as yellow squares.
You can see the difference in spatial arrangement of fieldwork between fixed-wing fly-in basecamp work
(Arctic NWR) and when we had helicopter support (all others).
We've done 274 releves total in 2013 & 2014. Press here for slightly bigger file.

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