Target: the Liebermann safe house

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This is the general
This is the satellite view of the park "frontcountry" and the "Gatlinburg of the north" strip mall development that (dis)graces the area outside the Park.
"C" is north and the scale's there too - Fairbanks is up, if you hadn't realized.
That's the Parks Highway in red and the Denali Park road in purple...

this is the satellite view of the neighbourhood...
Now here's the satellite view of the neighbourhood.
The house is marked with the target... Easiest route is marked in light green, assuming you're arriving from the Parks Highway; just cut the engine (or stop pedaling) after turning on the first south past the bridge and coast as far down as possible on the drive and you're there...
It's the last house - I live at the bottom!

If you're coming in from above...

here's a picture of the house, oh wow.
And this is a weird photo of the house itself, taken with my telephone(!). Remind me not to ring anybody up on my camera.
The door can be seen behind the car there. That's a big tank of something flammable they keep out front. The doorbell works.
It's really not necessary to get the bigger picture here, since it's such horrid quality. If you pass this house you get into a little gravel parking lot after about 10 meters and cannot possibly get lost from there. If you do, just go to the nearest house (mine) and ask directions on how to get to where you are.

Robert J. Liebermann
House 252a (not marked)
Denali National Park Headquarters
Mile 3.2 Denali Park Road
Mile 237 Parks Highway
Between Healy and Cantwell, Alaska

phone-office: [___] ___ ___
phone-mobile: [___] ___ ____
email: see here

Modified on June 14 2006

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