Another disclaimer.  

Some people have become feeble-minded and confused. They think the following illustration is about something frightening.

This picture is about *the dream of freeing yourself from all the material static in your life*, and is not about arson, terrorism, pyromania, marshmallows, hell, farming, murder, or anything like that.

The sanest, happiest, most creative people I know usually live in tiny homes with few possessions, but their world is big. One friend's house burned down, but his music didn't. Another one lives in a house that officially does not exist. He gives away all of his books after he reads them because there's no space left in their 2.5 tiny rooms, but there's always space for tea or wine and intelligent conversation.

Sometimes I wish I could be like them, and if everything burned I'd be able to think more clearly. But then I think I'd be screwed without my library of books, and my photography equipment is pretty useful too, and my bicycle, and even my skis snowshoes and camping stuff - and after accounting for all that there's nothing left to burn except that day's junkmail.

So, the picture... it's not supposed to be scary; it's funny, but it is also sensible. Maybe it's a little like art, too.

It is in Latin (top) and German (bottom). You can figure it out via the usual methods.

It's a postcard I bought in Berlin in 1992.


OK then, continue if you've got that straight.

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