Some of the icons, gifs, etc. that I saved in the mid 1990s because I thought they were so revolutionary and cool that when I was able to make my very own web 'home page', I'd be able to sprinkle these liberally throughout a a reminder of how stylish and sophisticated I was.

I've thoughtfully added their names so that you can trace their heritage, maybe, unless the name saved was automated or something i made up at the moment. Maybe some of them even have their own wikipedia 'home pages'! Wow, the world-wide-web continues its heritage of excitement and cultural enrichment.

OK, take any medicine you're on, be sure turn your 'show animated images', text too, on and get ready, because these are a-hot!!:

[ constrmachin.gif ]

[ construc.gif, there'll be a lot of hits ]

[ dogrun1.Gif ]

[ dogrun2.Gif ]

[ emailp.gif ]

[ emailed.gif ]

[ handbox.gif ]

[ heart1.gif, wow]

[ hotan-ani.gif ]

[ hot-anim9361.gif ]

[ jennmail.gif ]


[ Mailbox.gif ]

[ messerli.gif, this had special implication to me at the time because I was still discovering how useful by swiss army knife was time and again ]

[ move.gif, i may yet use this one... ]

[ new.gif ]

[ new2.gif]

[pointer2.gif, this one hurts a lot ]

[ question42A0.gif, a mysterious title ]

[ sp.gif ]

[ torch-ani.gif ]

[ wavingrussianflag.gif ]

[ space to add more ]

This may be amusing to look at, but the dark side is that this WILL be the future. The pictures nay be less rough-looking, but out stove controls will soon be shouting-blinking out 'HOT!!', and not only that but a long, repetitive and complicated set of Government and Lawyer warnings and disclaimers to get out of any way an injured party could blame them with the right set of sneaky lawyers. Our Vaccuums will be doing likewise, with animated sweeps that remove dirt and drop it into he trashcan, and other warnings (like my favorite, actually, that goes something like "UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL THE MANUFACTURER, DISTRIBOTOR, OR RETAILER HAVE ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER NOR SHOULD THE USER FILL THE 20 GALLON SHOP-VAC WITH GASOLINE, SET THE MOTOR TO REVERSE, AND THEN EXPEL THE GASOLINE TOWARD ANY OBJECT AFTER IGNITING THE GASOLINE!", which obviously is referring to a specific and exciting incident and for which I'd really like to see the animated gif).

Created on Sunday August 02, 2009