The long collexion of ageing bookmarks:

Internet cruising is like getting fooled into a big pyramid scheme; with less content read than following links to other sites. For a while it seemed to be getting better, but take a look now! It's like 99% of 'pages' are just random text stolen from others to get you to accidentally take a look, then they sell your stats to some sinister robot-god somewhere.

The paper version of that, of which I am also susceptible, is to immediately go to the literature cited section of an academic monograph ... in fact, I like annotated bibliographies, and have many in my library!

Anyway, maybe The best you can hope for are nice colo(u)rs. Eventually you forget about the first links, and imagine the resulting memory of 3 second page 'reads' as knowledge. "A paradigm for twenty-first century excellence in learning", the Doctors of Education and university administration folks might call it...

Since everyone has such trouble finding new URLs to follow links from [and thank goodness for those clever states who save us such worry by putting their website URL on their automobile licence plates!], I've added a recent set of my bookmarks file exported to html for your enjoyment. This includes websites added between the date of this web page and 'way back into antiquity' that I use, used to use, hated to use, intended to use, never used, or I find/found useful, interesting, appalling, or otherwise worthwhile or worthless. Like those I might need access to while on the road, or on someone else's komputer. Or that I saw once and decided I might find useful again, or not. And all the others, too. I almost never remove the bad ones (that requiring too much work), so the list gets longer and longer. It's gotten so big that it's hard to navigate easily on opera or firefox; what with all the submenus and all. The list is so long now that, despite some categorization, it's usually faster to just ask the evil Google for the true path. (What if it's a secret CIA tool?) Better just stick to my list of 'approved' websites.

Remember, these are for my convenience, but I'm indifferent to you finding them in any way suitable to your needs... a robot could, for example, construct a psychological profile based on keywords or more complex content analysis in these, and then target me with government surveillance or junk mail or other scams that I might fall for - robots are so smart! ... and so evil!

Some are in Russian or Ukrainian or other languages and alphabets, and don't blame me if you can't read them. Your internet wayout machine should set the encoding correctly by default on this page (so the Cyrillic as well as the Latin letters will appear ok), but if not, try setting it yourself to 'automatic' or ' unicode utf-8'. Or just admit you don't know Russian anyway and trust me in my good or bad taste. That is, if you're so intent on checking out all these links. What's more, some of the Cyrillic letters got screwed up at times when using an incompetent computer, that's what all the '????' and 'ëâÂñãç*' nonsense you might occasionally see is about.

Let me know if you find a bad one. If they're all bad, save yourself the time and go take a nap. And it's a little out of order too, and some category names are in Russian or Ukrainian, and the categories might only make sense to me even if in some otherwise understandable language. AND there's also a ton of old links, some added back in 1995, so don't be surprised if you get a lot of 404s... If you're really interested, and you're even a little sleuthy (though many are not...), you can probably hunt them down if they still exist. Dodge the 404s, and just try again and again until you get one you agree with!

Well, there must be something interesting out there, so let's go - but not too far: they'll all open in new windows!

Best option: Save all that tedious independent thought, and simply click over to a random page from my list of over 7700 outstanding or out or standing, now or formerly working, truly random (from my pre-selected list of approved randomness) links! Free!!

[ Fantastic, count me in! Sign me up now Bob! ]           [ No thanks, #@%&ing freak! Piss off! ]

Other best option: You can do it old-style: go to the full, categorized list here (advertencia!/peligro! page size is 800k or so, so wait to load and it might be a little slow if on a modem)

Disclaimer: Most of these links I've added over the past few years because they have interesting, useful, amusing, appalling, or unexpected information, though some were added because of a useful code or design element, a need to check something, by or at the urgence of someone else, accidentally, while drunk or confused, because i dislike them, because god told me to, because they hate us because we're free, etc. Truthfully, I cannot tell why some are there. Thus one should not consider the links that might be found here as somehow descriptive of me, or anyone who looks like me. So there. Is that enough of a disclaimer so that if you find something perverted you don't freak out? No? See a different disclaimer for the same general thing on this page.

Press the mouse anywhere on the page margin and see the disclaimer light up; I did that by accident!


Last modified June 26, 2009: rjl

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