Photography by Robert Liebermann

Here are some of my pictures from various beautiful and/or interesting and/or colorful (or monochromey-contrasty) places.

I've enjoyed photography for a long time, as described elsewhere (ideas, 2-bit philosophy here), and another elsewhere (cameras, film, etc. here). It helps me notice the world around me, look at things with greater appreciation, understand light, and generally relate somewhat to an increasingly indecipherable world. I can't sing, or paint, or play the piano, or anything else, so I try to communicate a little with photos, even if only to myself.

About the photo pages:
Photos are accessed via index pages; pressing mouse on a small picture will give the big version and pressing again or page back will return to the index.

Most index pages have 12-20 photos to keep initial load times reasonable, but the design of the pages loads the larger size versions in the background. That might be 2-6mb or so, so if you're on a slow connexion, you might have to wait a little for them to arrive (I figure most internet's halfway fast now, and use my very slow US Government connection at work - the Gov connexions are always slow as 10 years ago - as the low-fi test standard).

All big size images are from 600 - 1500 pixels on long side, and usually 50-400k or so; sometimes there's a 3rd level link from the big photo view for an even bigger one; those might be 500-1000k. Since I've been putting these pictures up for 15 years now and the web has gotten a little batter, so the rule is the more recent the addition the larger and better-looking the pictures are. There's also file size creep, I admit, as I hate to see them get all jpeggy distorted, so I tend to save files increasingly larger as I move along.

The pages are always getting edited, so might be a little messed up in various ways. For instance, instead of the 'new photos' assortment pages, as I was doing for a while, I've started to just add new stuff to their thematic pages even if there's only one or two. So if you get pages some gray squares, that's because they're blanks until I add something there.

If you want even bigger copie$, or any cu$tom scans, print$, or stock right$, let me know, of cour$e.

Latest additions:

March 2016: Some snapshot-grade but fascinating Cat and Velo pix.

March 2014: Added a large series of birch photos that I worked up for a color printing class at UAF. (see 'new', below)

March 2012: added 195 photos of or closely related to Lake Superior stone and rock. This was a request by a Northern Michigan University theatre professor to be used in a play, the pictures to be projected over the readers. I'm not sure if she needed all 195, but I had fun selecting them (see Lake Superior section, below).

Late 2011 - added some non-art photos of my cats and bicycle since then.

Early 2011: Added (or at least started) some sets in Alaska - Eureka Dome and Fox. Last week added more Lake Baikal and Listvyanka, Crimea, USSR, and weird mini-camera photo pages, scanned prints from a class I took a couple years ago at University of Alaska Fairbanks, and added some more unsorted ones.

... way back to late 1990s when I started by putting some Lake Baikal and Lake Superior photos, scanned from 4x6" prints!

To do list:
I'm thinking I ought to add some sets of 'decent photos in the field with cheap digicams' taken during fieldwork - some good ones, esp. at screen resolution. Also thinking I ought to add more funny and cute cat snapshots - I've gotem! And of course more Lake Superior, UP, Alaska, Baikal, and USSR photos. Maybe some more from the Crimea - back before the stalinist cult of putin and its fascist thugs invaded.

* * * *

The photos:

Birch photo series, added March 2014. These are (mostly) from a project done for a printing class, fall 2013.
set 1, set 2, set 3, set 4, set 5, and set 6.

Lake Superior:
Lake Superior stones et al. [added March 2012. They're all indexed on one long web page- 195 of them - at least for now.
Lake Superior 1 [last photos added February 2010, and new disastrous style to fix]
Lake Superior 2 [this page will have some of the photos from page 1, above, and some new ones when I reorganize - the page code needs revision...]
Lake Superior 3 [added March 19, 2010].
Lake Superior 4 [added March 19, 2010].
Lake Superior 5 [added March 19, 2010, need to add 5 more still]
Lake Superior 6 [added in the future]
Lake Superior 7 [added March 19, 2010].

Two Lake Islands:
Ushkanii and Caribou Islands on Lakes Baikal and Superior [unavailable until I reassign them; follow link for why]

Lake Baikal:
Lake Baikal 1 [last photos added March 2011].
Lake Baikal 2 [last photos added March 2011].
Lake Baikal 3 [photos added March 19, 2010].
Lake Baikal 4 [photos added April 04, 2011].
Lake Baikal 5 [photos added April 04, 2011].
Listvyanka, a little town at Lake Baikal, set 1 [photos added April 04, 2011].
Listvyanka set 2 [photos added April 04, 2011].

Upper Peninsula of Michigan:
Upper Peninsula set 1 [12 photos 2009-2010; last added 2010.02.10]
Upper Peninsula set 2 [12 photos 1989-2010; last added 2010.02.10]
vermillion, Michigan [my land 1; new section; not fine art; added December 2006!]

Alaska set 1 [finally, added February 21, 2010].
Alaska set 3 [added March 19, 2010].
Alaska set 4 [added March 19, 2010].
Alaska pan set 1 [b/w photography done during a UAF photo class, added, finally, 2 years later - April 2011].
Alaska set 6: fall color photos from Eureka Dome [added April 11, 2011].
Alaska set 7: Eureka Dome set 2 [added April 11, 2011].
Alaska set 8: Eureka Dome set 3 [added April 11, 2011].
Alaska set 9: some photos around my country house near Fox, first snow, fall 2009 [scanned today, adding soon].
Eureka, Alaska [my land 2; even more none too artistic; added December 2006]

Unsorted (mostly fit with sets above; I need to get them into the right places!):
new/unsorted photos set 1 [rearranged April 2011].
new/unsorted photos set 2 [a bunch of Alaska, Michigan, etc. pictures; set finished on February 26, 2010].
new/unsorted photos set 3 [last added a bunch of Alaska, Michigan, Ontario, Quebec pictures on February 21, 2010].
new/unsorted photos set 4 [new pictures on March 20, 2010].
new/unsorted photos set 5 [photos added April 04, 2011].

USSR set 1 [photos added April 04, 2011].
post-soviet [only 1 so far, 2002]

Russian north:
Russian North [only 5 so far, added ca. 2002]

Crimea (before the russian invasion of 2014):
Crimea set 1 [added April 2011].
Crimea set 2 [added April 2011].

Carpathian Mountains set 1 [10 photos, added February 2004]
Carpathian Mountains set 2 [12 photos, 'added' February 2004 but mistakenly unlinked for 12 years - thus it's the RARE UNDISCOVERED LONG-LOST SET!]
Ukraine [23 pix of Lviv (aka Lvov, Lemberg); the cultural capital of Ukraine, 2002]

photos of my bikes - not art as such, but good-looking bikes and pictures occasionally also in my opinion... [last added to April 2016].

photos of my cats are aloof in their own directory [latest ones added April 2016].

Mini camera photography (colorful and weird):
"Lomo" and other mini photography -random art [only 5 here, old page 2002]
More mini photography [Newly processed; scanned 2003 or earlier, added here April 2011].
Still more mini photography [some old scans, some newer, added here April 2011].

And the blank format only, for you nihilists:
setname [last added xxx]

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