1983 Cannondale ST-500 photos:

This is my second ST-500: The first I got in fall 1983, and was the first or second Cannondale sold in Michigan. That was stolen a year later, and then got this maroon one. It's been around and used in different setups: touring bike, forest trail bike, commuter bike, student bike, etc. It behaved beautifully for all, most notably in very full loaded touring around Lake Superior with ~80 pounds of luggage... The NGC-500 sidepull brakes stopped the full load easily on even the steepest, longest hills.

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A stop in the red pine forest. Biking around Lake Superior, 1990.
Canon A1, FD 50mm 1.8 | Print film, small print scanned with a flatbed scanner ca. 1995
Note: (from right to left) the jar of Five O' Clock brand coffee, the Sony ICF-SW20 shortwave radio, the Coleman 501 stove, the US-made Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, the bag of carrots, the Bell Biker helmet, the US-made Jansport rucksack (blue) as a rear top bag, the green bag beneath with the poles for the Eureka Timberline-2 tent I was using on that tour (I guess the tent itself was in the blue bag), the red US-made Eastpak panniers (same design as the Lone Peak 'Ranier' I use now and the Cannondale panniers of the early 1980s), the black Nashbar front panniers, the black sleeping bag bag on the (Jim Blackburn) front rack doubling as the platform on which the current map was strapped onto inside a clear page protector, the (red) Vetta 'computer' and the (black) Cat-Eye 2-c battery headlight on the handlebars, and the (black cage) Suntour Superbe pedals. Note anything else you see, too, like the Maxwell House plastic coffee cup (probably US-made too), the compass hanging off the pannier (Sweden), or whatever.
© Robert Liebermann

Hillbillied up with weird handlebars ca. summer 1991
Canon A1 | scanned with Nikon CS5000
Note the Look pedals (which I really liked at the time), Zefal plastic WB cages, and wheels: a 700c set I made (with Mavic sealed hubs) and with which I had to use that Tange aluminum fork to get brake reach. Don't note that the handlebar tape has little skulls-and-crossbones all over it. Whoa, radical, man!
© Robert Liebermann

On Beaver Island, Lake Michigan, out doing botany fieldwork. 1998.06
Canon A1 | Kodak ED-3, scanned with Nikon CS5000
Note that I'd fixed the handlebar and pedals problem... Also should be using the original brake levers, though, and not these 'aero' ones. The pannier is a (then) 10+ year-old nashbar set I used as fronts on tour.
© Robert Liebermann

In front of my hut, University of Michigan Biological Station (UMBS), summer 1994
Canon A1 | Fujichrome 100, scanned with Nikon CS5000
© Robert Liebermann