Q: Who is 'rjl'? What does he want??

A: That's me, Robert. What I really want is to be out in the wild, looking at plants, etc.   You can look at the 'about me' info for more...   Oh, here it is now...

Q: Who is 'lslbi'? What's all this about lakes and islands and plants and weather??

A: That's what I had to invent years ago when a particularly annoying computer program wouldn't allow me to use the email without specifying an 'organization' - that was the 1990s, when email programs were like that. So I hastily made up the Lake Superior-Lake Baikal Institute, since that was my life at the time, writing my thesis. It sort of turned into a small webshrine to those two great lakes and some other things, but most of it's just a junk heap of half started ideas. Also an excuse to show some of my photographs, and offer a little tiny bit of info on some geographical aspects of the lakes. The Caribou Island information and Lake Baikal photograph sections are particularly popular. Here's that website, by the way...

Q: What's the website useful for?

A: The website is sort of like a super visiting card... When meeting scientific colleagues or people with or dissimilar similar interests, or in written correspondence, it's easier to refer somebody the 'rjl.us' than it is to go into some long detail about what I do and all that - though I'm known to do that too occasionally. But, if they are interested, they'll look at their convenience.

I used to think it was a little embarrassing, even weird - still do - that I'd take so much time and write so much code advertising myself and my philosophy. Cripe, every six months or a year or so it's updated?

I can't imagine writing about my activities or life several times a week on the website like it's some sort of important news ... once or twice a year or so is enough. Reminds me of those fraternity people in college who made commemorative t-shirts for every little thing they all did together (which was apparently everything, constantly), then wore a different one every day to let everybody know that on so-and-so a day last summer they were with their pack, just so you'll know and not think they're ever alone.

Then people got all into 'blogs', and my website is now minimal compared to most. Now, worse, there's all those 'my tube' or whatever, where people - well, I'm not really sure what they do there, but it's weird and whenever somebody has those websites send me email telling be to 'be their friend on i-tube', I remember that I'm happy to be square.

The main hope is for the website to be somewhat useful for any potential professional contacts, also entertaining for anybody else - though there are far more interesting things available for most people!

Sometimes somebody looking for info on Baikal, the Carpathians, weird camera or travel info, etc. will find my site by chance of search and get useful information, or even ask me some questions to find out more. Sometimes I get some good scientific or professional contact this way, too.

And then I need my internet bookmarks sometimes while on the road, hence the various pages of links on the site. Another practical reason is that I use the website for my email server and some other handy internet stuff too important to trust to some 'free' service.

Q: What about the website technics?

A: Well, here's more on that.

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