Some items pertaining to birches

I've become very interested in birches (the genus Betula).

So a couple of items here for distribution:

1. Bibliography of birch literature including Russian and other languages:
See's Betula bibliography 20190608.pdf for the most recent version (June 2019).

2. Birch presentation: For a class I took at UAF in 2013. A small presentation was required. This one is 67mb, with 77 slides (I had to truncate it.)

Mostly undergraduates in the class, and no botany people (except the instructor of course) - mostly 3rd-4th year undergraduate wildlife biology students there to learn about animal food and animal habitats... But I'd been trying to get my head around birch taxonomy for a while, and this provided the impetus to finally do so. This was a few months before Ashburner & McAllister's excellent new book on the birches came out, so had to piece information together from a lot of different sources. Keep in mind that the main reason was learning this stuff myself, and the real reason anyone watches a presentation (besides coercion) is entertainment, so plenty of pretty pictures for me to speed-narrate over (you miss that part unfortunately). So 77 slides in 15 minutes, with narrative - my specialty!

3. Some birch photographs. The story and pictures here: and subsequent pages. If you went so far as to watch the presentation above, you may recognize some of the photos, though much more fancily worked-up here. They look better printed of course, as explained.

4. A pdf extract in Russian of the article for Betula insularis, proposed by Vassiliev as a species endemic to the Ushkanii Islands, Lake Baikal (this island was the area of my thesis research). Taken from Novitates Systematicae Plantarum Vascularium (Novosti Sist. Vyssh. Rast.) 6: 39. 1970, originally got from here.

5. That's it for now...

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