1982 Lugged Stumpjumper restoration photos (set zero):

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The general story: (taken from some comm's I wrote at the time - a little more on first picture below)

(Swirling harp music taking us back to September 2013:)

I got this 1982 original Stumpjumper yesterday for $45: http://fairbanks.craigslist.org/bik/4051612905.html [link expired but shitty photo anyway; see first one below]

All original but missing seat & post, front wheel, and back wheel is trashed, like kicked or somehow damaged, but probably not in riding. Silver. Frame in /very/ good, shape save a few scratches etc. from rough handling - little/no rust. Seems to have been used not too much in it's tragic previous life. Not Univega GT-condition for sure, but restorable fully. Original Tomaselli levers, Suntour mighty shifters, 'golf club stem', etc. - all of which i am sure wd. go high on eb. now to get some wheels... seat, post.

The best part - it's the 22.5" frame, so nice big road-worthy frame!

Also has a black 'jim blackburn' 4-point rack. Not silver unfortunately (the rack), which'd look better, but black which is actually more 'period correct' as everybody would pay like $4 more for anything black back then (including me). (2016 note: it's actually painted over the silver anodized! I shall have to un-paint)

So now hunting down the parts from the usual sources (the seatpost - on the way! Suzue Hubs - on the way! Araya 7X Rims - ouch - watching...

Now this to add to the other 1982 I bought a year or two ago (2011: the tig welded original but a little rougher despite eb ad claiming better...), my 1985 SJ Sport (2016: don't ask how I relinquished that one!), the 1984 I have in storage and have still never ridden, and maybe another - I can't remember! And the ~10 other bikes in storage in the UP (2016: now ~16) - but now at least have one to play with here... too bad I don't have all or some of my hoarded parts available...

Anyway, serial is M2K50511 ... which I managed to decode to November 1982 (derailleur codes both YC, btw), but for the life of me I can't find reference to who made the frames for these other than Toyo for those that start with T (I've also got the earlier 1982 tigged, Toyo, version; that was easier to decode...). Now I'm also wondering the makers of my 84 and 85 sport; alas in storage thousands of miles away in the UP ... hmm, do I have the serials written down somewhere...?!

By the way, guy pulled it out of a dumpster: my kind of recycling, and a justified profit even for a cheapskate like me! Maybe the seat and post and front wheel were down there further, under some squishy shit... A pity what people throw away.

(Harp music bringing us back to our present-time 2016:)

I disassembled the bike completely, frame-coated the insides of the tubes (in good shape), took stock of conditions, oiled the parts against rust, and stashed it away in the shed. The bike rested over the next few years as I alternately collected the few parts (and more) needed to restore, looked in vain for some NOS Araya 7x's (ironically, a set went on eb for <$100 the day after I bought this so I assumed I'd see more, which I didn't, at least that cheaply!), and ignored it.

I finally got back to it spring 2016, and bought the few last bits I needed. I spent a month or so disassembling the already disassembled parts - completely, down to every screw and bearing, polished any rust or oxidation away, then polished more with car polish (the old standby, not on my car though), so that everything would look as shiny as possible. I even disassembled the shifters down to the pawl and spring to give you some idea - I mean, everything got disassembled and polished!

Then I had the wheels built, and spent several pleasant, leisurely, beer-drinking weekends putting it all together again. No hitches whatsoever, and I enjoyed taking my time. Good for thinking. No bugs yet. Plenty of beer. The Cats liked hanging out to help, too.

The last couple weekends have been rainy, though, so it's still awaiting the final adjustment, polishing & presentation. The seat, handlebars, derailleurs, brakes, etc. still need proper setting. An initial heavy coat of car polish needs to be polished down. Excess oil & grease here and there needs to be cleaned off, and the pollen and so forth that settled on it since ass'y needs to be cleaned away with it. I need to attach the fenders, rack, bottle cages, mirror, and bell. And RSF badge of course, now that I'm a member. So it's still like a construction site after the building's done but before the junk has been cleared away, the landscaping done, the furniture moved in, and the markings cleaned off the windows.

But a military commander ordered me to supply photos, so these photos were taken hastily last night and minimally zapped into shape using irfanview. This is the special 'pre-release edition' of (the photos of) this bike, so here seen before final adjustments, cleaning, polishing. It is presented here as such.

Frame: 1982 Specialized Stumpjumper #M2K50511, lugged, 23". "Special Touring Series" Cro-Moly double-butted tubes (Tange?), medium-point lugs, Shimano forged vertical dropouts with single eyelets. Possibly Miyata manufacture.
Fork: Tange fork of same tubes as frame, Biplane crown, Shimano forged dropouts with single eyelets, 1" threaded steerer (original)
Color: Silver; entire frame and fork chromed under paint.
Headset: 1.125: Specialized sealed mechanism, alloy (original; replaced caged balls with loose 2016)
Crankset: TA cyclotourist. 26, 36, 46 TA chainrings (crank & 26 & 46 original; 36 new). Bespoke Chainrings crank caps (recent mfg.; the original TA caps present but one slightly damaged)
Pedals: MKS BMX-7, with MKS pedal flips and MKS half-clips (pedals original; caps & bearings replaced 2009, flips & clips recent mfg.)
Bottom bracket: Kajita 'Runners' sealed cartridge (Japan), 3RR (136mm), (ca. late 1980s mfg. Original was Sugino cup & cone)
Derailleurs: Suntour ARx front & rear (NOS replacements 1984 mfg.; same as original), Suntour sealed pulleys (NOS, ? mfg., originals were standard)
Shift levers: Suntour Mighty power-ratchet (original, with plastic covers from NOS ~1984 mfg.)
Shift cables: Shimano MTB Stainless Steel (recent mfg.)
Freewheel: Suntour Winner Pro 5sp. 14-32 (NOS, 1980s mfg; original was 14-32 Suntour 'Perfect' 5sp.)
Chain: Sram PC-850 (recent mfg.; original was [have to look])
Wheels: Velocity Nobs 26x25mm rims, Suzue sealed bearing rear and Suntour sealed bearing front hubs (only rear hub original; front is ca. 1985 mfg, rims and spokes new, also new Wheels Mfg. nuts). Built 3x with Wheelsmith stainless butted spokes.
Tires: Schwalbe Marathon HS-404 26x47mm, Michelin C4 'race' tubes (recent mfg.)
Brakes: Mafac Tandem cantilever (original), with Mafac 5-dot front and 4-dot rear pads (front original, rear NOS, pads to be replaced in holders with recent Kool-stop salmons)
Brake levers: Tomaselli Racer, with rubber covers (original)
Brake cables:: Shimano Deore XT MT-092 6mm (ca. 1990 mfg.; I think originals are Tomaselli)
Seat: Brooks B17 black (recent mfg.; original was probably an Avocet)
Seatpost: SR Laprade, 26.8mm (NOS; same as original)
Seatpost binder: Suzue QR (original)
Handlebars: Specialized IV (original)
Stem: Specialized (Nitto) 4 bolt (pillow block) (original)
Grips: Have the original foam Tomasellis, but ride with similar Ritchey 'WCS Truegrip' (recent mfg.)

Rack: Jim Blackburn 4-point (came with bike; early 80s mfg.) [need to remove flat black paint painted over silver anodize]
Bell: Crane 'Suzu' brass (recent mfg.)
Pump: Zefal HP, silver, with ALE pump clip (both 1980s mfg.)
Mirror: Mirrycle MTB original (recent mfg)
Fenders: Gilles Berthoud stainless steel with Honjo hardware on rear to mount on un-drilled CS and SS bridges (recent mfg.)
Water bottle cages: Jim Blackburn (early 1980s; one came with bike; other NOS)

More bike stuff on my velo pages.

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You asked for it, the shitty picture from the craigslist ad.
I promise the subsequent ones are bigger & better. Note taco'd rear wheel, mal-wart front wheel, no seat, reflective tape all over (a good idea, tho 'twas a bear to remove), other 'materials' in background (likely also from dumpsters), etc.. [Typical Fairbanks estate.]
The CL ad was ambiguous and of course this tiny photo - but I saw that big frame, the TA cranks, Tomasellis, & Mafacs clearly visible, and so immediately called up & (cooly, not too excitedly) set up the meet.
I hoped for at least a few good parts on a sadly destroyed frame, but I got a little lucky here (as did the poor bike!)... I went with 'ca$h money'. I even jewed him down a little, too, making like I was just some dumb guy wanting to build a cheap bike. I didn't mention, e.g., that the front wheel was shit because that'd imply the rest wasn't and I knew. Main thrust was to imply I didn't know much of anything. Cool, real cool like, I played the victim...

© Robert Liebermann (I didn't take the picture but I own the bike so I must have rights!)

Now the 82sj. Lookit those angles!
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann

View of the seat lug area
Note patina'd tube label, car polish over much of paint (haven't done final polish-off yet).
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann

Cranks and pedals
Note original MKS "BMX-7" pedals (they've gotten new bearings and end caps plus a lot of polish), and note those very sharp bends to chainstays! Also you can't see it, but there're no drilled holes in the CS and SS bridges, so I need to attach the (Berthoud stainless) fenders (later) with some Honjo hardware made for just this purpose.
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann

Note crank cover with scar: I had to chisel to unscrew (after initial photos I will be replacing them with aftermarket Australian-made 'bespoke chainrings' caps - TA specific thread of course, otherwise impossible or $$$$ to find).
The excellent Kajita 'Runners' sealed BB (136mm!) Just barely/perfectly fits here with the TAs with their no Q and the wide stays!).
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann

More tubing patina, also note Mafac canti braze-on (AV for 'avant'), more car polish, somewhat coarse fork crown, 5-dot TA pads (original, not much used but will replace the pad material eventually with the excellent 'kool'stop' replacement pads; the reputedly superior 'salmon' ones).
Also note how %$#@!! shiny the cantis are - all polished, incl. the brass inner bit there (that must be a bit of shop towel there in blue).
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann

Original Suzue sealed rear hub, now built up into new wheel with Wheelsmith spokes and Velocity rims.
NOS Suntour Winner Pro 14-32 5-speed freewheel!
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann

NOS Suntour ARX front mech (same as original).
Note also wear to inner & outer chainrings, but the new middle.
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann

Brooks B17 slightly used.
Leather seems a little soft, so probably why sold. May turn the nose screw and/or stitch. This must be the ambiguity of the modern Brooks quality: some you win, some you don't.
Black looks good; would look much better if chrome rails though.
Original was an Avocet 'touring' saddle (I have an original 'Stumpjumper' logo'd one from the '82 tigged I may swap in some future year).
Also note brake carrier (too bad: a seatstay binder QR hanger is better!), some beer cans off in plants from previous weekend's fettling this machine together.
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann

The hub, FW, spokes, etc. again somehow.
Just note pretty shininess. Also chain hanger on SS. And that damned clean new freewheel, waiting all these years for this.
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann

The 'restored' BMX-7s.
MKS in recent years has started making a 99% same model, the 'BM-7", which I'd bought, then realized these were in good enough shape to use still, so I just replaced the bearings (for fun) with Wheels Mfg. grade 25's, plus one missing cap and the other (originals were plastic; they fit/use the same alu cap now as Sylvans [which this essentially is with different cage]), lotsa polishing then grease, etc.
Always a pleasure to fettle on MKS pedals.
Also note 'designed by' transfer on CS (Tim Neenan is now Lighthouse Cycles), handsome weathered wood of platform.
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann

Suntour ARX NOS rear mech (same as original).
Also note NOS 14-32 5sp. Suntour Winner Pro FW, new Sram chain, new (Wheels Mfg.) wheel bolts, etc.
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann

NOS Suntour sealed front hub.
The original Suzue (and whole wheel) were missing. This is probably the best Suntour and best all-round sealed hub in my opinion, with possible exception of the much more $$ (in the day) Phils.
Now hard to find, so maybe even Phils are cheaper, but I got lucky onna this offa eb here. Spins silently smoothly perfectly (as this hub always does).
Made I think also by Suzue though different design from the rear/original for this bike. Flange diameter about the same, though, so spokes F&R same length: handy.
Note oily surface with atmospheric deposition of pollen (this a heavy pollen spring), fuzz, etc. When final polish done it'll be very clean, smooth, and shiny of course. Had been oiling the hell out of the hubs with Phil Tenacious oil (to get some into the 'sealed'-ness), so it of course got all over the exterior also.
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann

Note lugwork - filled nicely but edges a bit sharp, more car polish of course, NOS 1990s Shimano 'Deore XT' MT-092 heavy 6mm housing brake cable, new shimano shift cable (with the modern 'parallel' housing design so ought to shift nicely), new Marathon 404s.
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann

Pillow-fucking-block-stem, mothafukka!
Also specialized IV bars, beer cans in horizon, et al.
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann

A couple views of the Tomaselli Racer levers
(no grips on yet - I have the original Tomaselli foam grips, which I'll install, then photograph, then replace with new 'ritchey' foam grips of similar design to save the old - valuable - Tomaselli grips).
Also: original ST 'Mighty' shifters (the plastic covers that always break replaced from a 'wowee-find' on eb of a small stash of NOS shifters I snagged)
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann

Same as before - note rubber coverings on Tomasellis, heavy cable adjuster (to adjust while motorbiking or with heavy motor gloves??), beer can again, etc.
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann

'Drivetrain', as they call it.
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann

Fork blade tubing well-beausaged label, seems to have deliberately shed it's 'Special Series' moniker...
- this one I zapped up to like 225% saturation as I liked the crystalline 'colour explosion' look {the other pix here are all 'straight' though.}
The zappage makes the tube appear about ready to explode just from corrosion, or intensity of the sun, or just plain 'heavy, man-ness'; but I assure you it's actually in good shape.
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann

Chain-side TA cap - this one in good shape.
Olympus "tg-2" cheap snapshot digicam
© Robert Liebermann