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Bikes I used to have:
Giant ATX-880 mtn. bike - $150 (Fairbanks / Fox)

[The story: I bought this bike from a friend in early 2005, since I didn't have a bike in Alaska. I think I paid him $300, or maybe $250.
I'm not really a mountain bike person - if I'm on the trails I'll walk, and if I'm on the road I want easier pedaling. Still, it's got some nice qualities, and I used it to commute all year when I lived and worked at Denali NP.
It is the only bike I've ever had with click-shifting (index shifting, whatever it's called). That's also the only part of a bike I have ever been unable to work on/fix/adjust without hassle. I had planned for a while to replace the damned shimano chick shifters with some Suntours, but other bikes got the priority.
In this ad, I was trying to sell it off when I was leaving Alaska 'for good' (the second of three times that I was 'leaving Alaska for good', so far). It didn't sell after a few days, but my neighbor said she'd take it and pay later - and I never was able to contact her again!
Since than I've come into various 'cooler' early & mid-1980s mtn. bikes, but those are a different sort than this Giant, which is more like a big, multi-geared BMX bike. Though it wasn't really my kind of bike, I would've
loved something like this when I was 14!! Could've been fun for some dirt track riding and 'sweet jumps'! And I thought the frame had very nice tig welds and was quite sturdy.
I hope it got good use and still rolls around somewhere in the hills of the North Star Borough today (I haven't seen it, or her!). I salute you, old friend, and remember our fine times together (the bike, not the girl).
The rest of this page is the original for sale ad I posted.]

Reply to: (don't reply! sorry, this is just a 'historical' ad for a bike I sold years ago!)
Date: 2009-10-01, 11:31PM AKDT

Giant ATX-880 bike. I think it's about a 1999 era. Ready to go.

Bought used about 4 years ago from the original owner, works well enough and even pretty good!

I rode it in winter and summer. I put the 'trekker' bars on, which I think are just great for commuting. Has a mix/match of shifters. Pretty decent bike; I'm impressed with the quality of the frame, especially. Photos a few years old (from when i was living at Denali you might recognize), but everything's about the same as photos. Ready to ride, but if you're looking for a winter bike maybe put some low temperature grease on the rear derailleur or swap out - I remember it shifting rather slow at -10 or so.

I'm moving to the UP and only have room for 3 bikes in my van (and my mid 1980s and older bikes win!), so this one's for sale cheap, looking for a good home. $150? I guess that's a good deal.

Call me at (don't call me) if interested, and you'll have to get it in Fairbanks, and before middle next week!

Can email a few higher res pix if you want.

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