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2010-2012 I worked for the US Forest Service, doing mostly remote sensing, Lidar, and a little botany at the Rocky Mountain Research Station in Mosow, Idaho.

In 2010 I was back in interior Alaska doing botany in Yukon-Charley for the NPS Central Alaska I&M Network.

2009-2010 (and later?) I worked independently doing GIS and so forth, dba vermilliongeographics.com/ [ page not finished yet ]

In 2007-2008, I was a vegetation ecologist for the USDA NRCS doing ecological fieldwork mapping soils and vegetation.
WWF project [ page not finished yet ]

In 2007-2008, I worked for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in the Bering Sea-Kamchatka field office in Anchorage. Project is assembling baseline and monitoring data for various ecological and conservation-related indicators in the region to see how things are doing and what we should be doing about it.
WWF project [ page not finished yet ]

From 2005-2007 I was a vegetation ecologist at Denali National Park, working mainly on a big study of ORV use in subsistence use areas of the Park, and the EA that introduced new management of ORVs in the area. I did a LOT of field mapping, GIS, and vegetation mapping for this project.
Denali ORV and ecology work [ page not finished yet ]

in 2002, 2003, and 2004 I worked on an interesting project at Glacier Bay to make vegetation landscape maps of a recently deglaciated outwash plain on the outer coast in 1948, 1966, 1978, and 1996. The goal was to use this to decipher how this indicates hydrological change, and how that has influenced the changes in salmon use of a river in the area. First big vegetation mapping project...
Dry Bay vegetation mapping [ page not finished yet ]

At glacier Bay National Park in 2002, I did a lot of aerial surveys of boats and what they were up to in Park waters. This is when I really started to do a lot of GIS, too.
Outer waters vessel surveys in Glacier Bay NP [ page not finished yet ]

Here's some of my college theses, projects, & papers - including my magnum opus on Baikal & Superior islands:...

My doctoral research on landscape conservation & connectivity in the Carpathian mountains. Built on my previous landscape ecology, island biogeography, protected areas, and ecology study in the xUSSR. Learned Ukrainian to do the fieldwork.
Landscape Conservation and Ecological Connectivity in the East Carpathians Nature Reserve Archipelago, Ukraine

Here's an abstract of my early work on the above for a paper for the 1999 Natural Areas Association conference in Tucson, Arizona:
Landscape Conservation and Transboundary Protected Areas in the Eastern Carpathians

This was my master's degree thesis research. Abstract and excerpt:
Comparative Phytogeography of Caribou Island, Lake Superior, Canada and Ushkanii Island, Lake Baikal, Russia
From a systems geography course at Western Michigan taught by Ellen Cutrim.   Philip Micklin, a big expert on this problem, was my thesis adviser.   The title is accurate.
The Aral Sea: an Interdisciplinary Disaster

Here it is, my biggest undergrad thesis, in part.  Notice how it resembles my masters thesis project!
A Phytogeographical Comparison of Lakes Baikal and Superior

This was the first report of a continuing study which I return to as time and money permits.  Beaver Island is not a bad place to retreat to for "scientific research" every so-often!
On the Demography of Common Butterwort (Pinguicula vulgaris L. [Lentibulariaceae]) on Beaver Island, Lake Michigan, Charlevoix County, Michigan

Good, yet bad:
Notes on Post-Soviet Culture
in partial fulfillment of independent study in Russian language and culture, academic year 1992-93, Central Michigan University.

This is one of several lengthy projects from my undergraduate year abroad in the xUSSR.  I thought the title was witty.
Nature conservation and the Post-Soviet State

Another from my time in xUSSR, and a darned interesting subject:
Toponym changes in the USSR and the Post-Soviet States
More from the same:
Some Observations on the Vegetation of The South Crimea Coast, Ukraine

This  from a limnology course at Central Michigan University taught by Bob King:
The Influence of Large Lakes on Climate

From the same semester when I had two Medieval history courses, taught by the same professor!
The Development of the Commonwealth of Iceland and its  Influences on the Traditional Icelandic Literature
This from a Russian Language course.   I still like it.
An essay on Soviet monuments

This is an early undergraduate paper from a Canadian political science course at Grand Valley State University.  Such a groovy title.
Present Status and Future Outlook of the Leech Lake Accord

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