The Lake Superior-Lake Baikal Institute
Институт "Озеро Верхнее-Озеро Байкал"

nature, geography, and conservation of large lakes

What's LSLBI?

Is it an institute? - well, a very small one! - now it has 3 "official members" - more about them later...   It's my [low budget] vehicle for the propagandization of these and other giant lakes.   LSLBI is about the love and curiosity of Lakes Superior and Baikal.   It was named one day when an e-mail program demanded I put an "organization" on my address before it would work... and only later became the tile for this website.  In my other life, I am a graduate student at the University of Georgia, Department of Geography.  You may see this information here.
Why big lakes??
Because they're life.   See here.

Beauty of the Lakes.

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