Cats - big, friendly, and orange!

Mr. Whiskers sets!

The Mr. Whiskers spring 2010 UP camping trip photo album! (80mb pdf, February 2010)

The first set of my pictures of Mr. Whiskers! (picture pages)

The second set of pictures of Mr. Whiskers! (some more pictures finally added 2014.11!)

Mr. Q too!

Mr. Q's orphanage pictures! (20mb pdf, July 2011)

The first set of my pictures of Mr. Q! (pictures added 2011.08)

The second set of my pictures of Mr. Q! (pictures added 2011.11)

The another set of my pictures of Mr. Q! (added 2014.11 - geez, 3 years it took to add some more?)

And Fran the Cat!

Fran, the barn cat! (pictures added 2011.11.01)

Fran's press release, upon coming home after 5+ months lost!, with pictures (4.5mb pdf, updated 2014.11.15)

A few more (pre-lost and post-return) pix of Fran! (pictures added 2011.11.20)

Fran as "Sky-Cat"! (pictures added 2016.04.18)

Fran in various situations with boxes (note chewing on edges -- he's part gerbil)! (pictures added 2018.06.12

And a couple of videos from December 2012 featuring Fran (Mr. Q was sleeping under the back seat) on our van trip up the Alcan!: Fran his royal comfiness can't wake up buffalo scene, and Fran finally sees buffaloes - wow! (videos, both ~100mb!, added 2015.11.03)

Mr. Q and Fran sets!

Fran and Mr. Q! (originally 2011.11.16, 6 new pictures added 2014.11.20!)

More Fran and Mr. Q! (just one worthwhile picture for now)

Fran and Mr. Q on UP (even a little LP) trip, May 2018! (originally a dark web 'eyes only secret' page, now FOIA cleared & added 2020.02.10!)

Fran and Mr. Q on Keweenaw trip, June 2018! (also originally secret, now FrEE! & added 2020.02.10!)

Mr. Q & Fran on camping trips 2017-2019! (added 2020.01 - code test so way too big & slow, but about 250 pictures...)

Many more Mr. Whiskers, Mr. Q, and Fran photos will appear here, eventually.

See many colorful non-cat photos via my photo pages.

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Mr. Whiskers (orange), George (guy in hat), and Walter (white, brown, & black). Three great cats.
Mr. Whiskers died in February 2010, and George in April of the same year. I miss all three.
The Widewaters, Vermillion, Michigan, April 2010.
Olympus Stylus zoom | Kodachrome 64 | scanned with Nikon cs-5000
© Robert Liebermann